Travel through my perspective...

"You are going somewhere. Every day. Every experience you get. You're moving forward"

- Jimmy Chin

Growing up as a first generation Vietnamese American out of 3 siblings, I did not have the privilege to travel often. Despite the lack of income, my parents saved extra money to visit our family in Vietnam. I was lucky. Those month long trips to Vietnam shifted my perspective. My parents were both young immigrants who left behind their entire families to pursue a future with more opportunities for their children. As I grew older and began to work in the nail salon, I saved money to fund my travels to help soothe my soul. I ache to travel, to be uprooted.

I lack the sense of belonging as a human who's been transplanted far from their original environment. I have an immense passion to learn and hear stories about others. My dream is to never stop growing and expanding my love for deeper and intimate connections through people I meet and the places I explore.

Photographs below are documentations of the "small" things in life that continues to teach and pave the way towards deeper compassion for myself and others around me.


  • Vinalhaven, Maine
  • Oahu & Big Island, Hawaii
  • Vietnam
  • Iceland
  • Eastland, Texas
  • East/South Coast United States
  • Mid/West Coast United States