Do you Travel?

I LOVE to travel. I have been to many places. Specifically for photography, I have only done one elopement as a travel photographer in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have a restless soul who loves to visit my cousin and friends down in Texas, California, Pennsylvania.
I love nature, so I have been to Iceland.
My heritage is Vietnam, where my entire family lives.

How long have you been doing this?

I have been dabbling in photography since the fifth grade... as a '96 child, that would be equivalent to 7 years a hobbist who enjoyed puttering around to capture and document friends, family and the less seen parts of life.

During my first year of college at Saint Joseph College in Standish, Maine, I was fortunate to work alongside Scott Fuller and Christopher Sullivan, earning my Bachelors of Fine Arts. They guided me through my undergrad work, which mainly consisted of photography and public engagement. I used the camera as a vehicle to help convey the 'hard to talk about conversations' that regard the experiences of the body, for others to see and understand visually. I found passion with photography when I began to connect with others on a deeper level, sharing stories and breaking the silencing around sexual violence. I used photography as a platform to advocate against sexual violence, to help re-empower and heal with others collectively.

Long story short: 13+ Years!


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Previous travels include: California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Vietnam, Hawaii and more.

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